Japanese Acoustic Duo Depapepe Biography

Depapepe is an acoustic duo music group from Japan, where they took the name from their short name, which combines the word overbite in Japanese
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Japanese Acoustic Duo Depapepe Biography
Biography of Depapepe (IG: depapepe_offi)
Depapepe is an acoustic duo music group from Japan, where they took the name from their short name, which combines the word overbite in Japanese, namely Depa which means tonggos (Miura Takuya's nickname), and the name of the band Tokuoka before with Depapepe is Derupepe. Depapepe was founded in 2002 and has released 3 indie albums before they formed a coalition with the Sony Music label. Depapepe managed to make a major debut in 2005 with an album titled Let's Go! which had occupied the top 10 in Oricon's Instrumental Artist Debut Chart. In fact they have no kinship ties, contrary to the opinion of most of their fans.

Biography of Depapepe

Depapepe's acoustic duo song is very easy to remember, their music is known for the instrumental music of the acoustic dou they play, with their instrumental music they manage to make the listener's emotions follow the harmonious strains of the melody, they master the rhythm and are full of enthusiasm and are very popular in various fields. music lovers. With gassy playing, very smooth playing, solo melodies, accompanied by an energetic and brilliant rhythm without vocals, the color of the music even feels very complete. They have a very complete tone level and sometimes they mix basic instruments such as the harmonica, and other than that which is composed in a way that is accurate for song color purposes, the songs from Depapepe are technically difficult but they both can play it very well.

Instrumental songs from Depapepe are quite unique and quirky which triggers music addicts in the world to easily accept their musical colors, so that Depapepe's career in the international ranks is also easy for them to achieve, especially for those who like acoustic guitar instruments. them because the songs are very suitable for practicing skills in playing acoustic guitar instruments, for lovers of the jazz and classical genres must try songs from Depapepe because they are very different from what is played from guitar instruments that we usually hear.

Brief Information

Origin: Japan

Stream/Genre : Japanese Pop

Active Year: 2002 until now

Label : Sony Music

Instagram : depapepe_offi

Personnel : Miura "Depa" Takuya & Tokuoka "Pepe" Yoshinari

Personnel TTL :

  •     Miura Takuya (Depa) Born in Kobe city on April 5, 1983
  •     Tokuoka Yoshinari (Pepe) Born in Kobe city on July 15, 1977

Thus, we can share information from the Japanese Acoustic Duo Depapepe Biography, for those of you who want to collect songs from them, you can visit our blog which is specifically for downloading, more or less sorry and thank you.

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