Biography of Japanese Hardcore Band MY FIRST STORY

MY FIRST STORY or other famous names that are shorter, namely MFS is a Japanese Hardcore band formed in the city of Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
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MY FIRST STORY (IG: myfirststoryofficial)

MY FIRST STORY or other famous names that are shorter, namely MFS is a Japanese Hardcore band formed in the city of Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. In 2011 their music label was INTACT RECORDS while the official fanclub was called STORY TELLER, the band consisted of 5 personnel, namely, Hiro (Vocals), Nob (Bass), Teru (Guitar), Kid'z (Drums), and Sho (Guitar). ). When releasing their debut Studio Album entitled MY FIRST STORY in April 2012, the band quickly attracted a lot of attention, performing at various national music festivals and holding concerts overseas.


Brief Information 

Other Name : MFS
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Active Year: 2011 Until Now
Music Genre : Rock / Post-Hardcore / Alternative Rock / Alternative Metal

Band Name Origin

MY FIRST STORY was taken in English and this name was given by Kei Goto the vocalist of the Japanese Rock Band "Pay Money to My Pain" who had a big influence on this band, the meaning of the name given is that everyone will be able to continue the future of MY FIRST STORY.

Band Career

MFS was founded in August 2011, by Hiro (Vocals), Nob (Bass), Sho (Guitar), Teru (Guitar), and Masack (Drums). As the first artist from the music label INTACT RECORDS founded by the popular fashion brand Subciety.At the beginning of the band's formation, it could be said that they were heavily influenced by K (Kei Goto) the vocalist of the Pay Money to My Pain Band, such as K, who first met Hiro in high school and invited him to form the Band MY FIRST STORY.

Apart from that, K also gave the name MY FIRST STORY, as a musician who is quite senior K helped contribute a lot at the beginning of the formation so that it can be said that without K MY FIRST STORY there would not be. After being formed, MY FIRST STORY began to carry out their musical activities, namely by performing at various concerts held in 2011. In April 2012, 8 months
after the formation of MY FIRST STORY released their first album with the same title as the name of the band itself "MY FIRST STORY". it immediately gained popularity. 

This work is the first work released by Label INTACT RECORDS, a label specifically established for the MY FIRST STORY Band. In addition, K also gave the label INTACT RECORDS because he is friends with Gen Inaba who is the Director of the Subciety. On February 6, 2013, MY FIRST STORY re-released their 2nd Studio Album entitled THE STORY IS MY LIFE, on October 30 of the same year, MY FIRST STORY collaborated with Nano and released a single entitled SAVIOR OF SONG. The title song "SAVIOR OF SONG" was chosen as the Opening Theme for Anime Aoki Hagane no Apreggio: Ars Nova.

On September 24, 2014, MY FIRST STORY released a Single titled Fukagyaku Replace, which was used as the Ending Theme for the Anime Nobunaga Concerto. On October 29, 2014, MY FIRST STORY released their 3rd Album entitled Kyogen NEUROSE. Then, the album included the song "Someday" which was written as a tribute song to K who died in December 2012. On October 9, 2015, MY FIRST STORY announced that member Sho will be leaving the band for an indefinite period due to personal reasons and will continue to support the band from behind the scenes.

On January 8, 2016, MY FIRST STORY opened its official Fan Club named STORY TELLER. On March 3 of the same year, member Masack announced his retirement from the band. After the resignation of Masack, who served as drummer was replaced with Kid'z and Band LOTH which disbanded in 2015, after that MY FIRST STORY continued its musical activities with 4 personnel.

On June 29, 2016, MY FIRST STORY re-released their 4th Studio Album entitled ANTITHESE. On February 17, 2017, the documentary "MY FIRST STORY DOCUMENTARY FILM" featuring "MY FIRST STORY" during a performance at Nippon Budokan in November and a video interview with the members began showing in theaters. On October 17, 2018, MY FIRST STORY released their 5th Studio Album entitled S S S. On December 5 of the same year, MY FIRST STORY released their 2nd collaboration Single with singer Sayuri entitled Reimei. The title song "Reimei" in the single was chosen as the 2nd Opening Theme for Anime Golden Kamuy.

On January 16, 2019, MY FIRST STORY performed the song "You're Already Dead" on the 35th Anniversary Album of the Hokuto no Ken Anime "Hakuto no Ken 35th Anniversary Album "Denshou" 35th Anniversary Album. On July 4, 2019, MY FIRST STORY released a Digital Single titled KING & ASHLEY, which was used as the Opening Theme for the Anime KENGAN ASHURA. On July 1, 2020, MY FIRST STORY released a Single titled 1,000,000 TIMES. The title song "1,000,000 TIMES" in the Single is in collaboration with singer Chelly who is famous as the vocalist of the music group EGOIST

On August 12 of the same year, MY FIRST STORY released their 6th Studio Album entitled V. On January 10, 2021, the song titled LEADER was released as a Digital Single, selected as the Opening Theme for Anime Hortensia SAGA. In addition, the song, entitled PARADOX, was released on December 17, which was chosen as the theme song for the Japanese version of The Matrix Resurrections.

Band Personnel

MY FIRST STORY consists of 4 active personnel with Hiro as the vocalist and 1 member Sho who left the band since 2015.


Hiro - Vocals
Birth Name: Hiroki Moriuchi
Date of Birth : January 25, 1994
Place of Birth: Tokyo

Nob - Bass
Birth Name: Nobuaki Kato
Date of Birth : October 14, 1984
Place of Birth: Saitama

Teru - Guitar
Birth Name: Teruki Nishizawa
Date of Birth : May 28, 1992
Place of Birth: Kanagawa

Kid'z - Drums
Birth Name: Shohei Sasaki
Place of Birth : July 27, 1992
Place of Birth: Aichi

Sho - Guitar (Hiatus Since 2015)
Birth Name: Sho Tsuchiya
Date of Birth : March 28, 1984 

Former Members 

Masack - Drums (Retired March 3, 2016)
Birth Name : Masaki Kojima
Date of Birth : January 3, 1988
After resigning he is now active as a support personnel for Duo Band Yorushika. 

That's our information regarding the Biography of Japanese Hardcore Band MY FIRST STORY, for those who want to download their songs and albums, please visit our special download article. That's all we can share, more or less we apologize, hopefully it's useful & thank you for visiting our blog.

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