Biography & History of J-ROCKS Indonesian Band

J-ROCKS is a rock band from Indonesia which can be said to be Japanese Pop/Rock, Pop, Alternative Rock. The band was founded on November 9, 2003 in Ja
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Biography & History of J-ROCKS, Indonesian Band
Biography & History of J-ROCKS (IG: jrocks.official)
J-ROCKS is a rock band from Indonesia which can be said to be Japanese Pop/Rock, Pop, Alternative Rock. The band was founded on November 9, 2003 in Jakarta, J-Rock personnel namely Iman Taufik Rachman (Vocals & Guitar), Sony Ismail Robayani (Guitar), Swara Wima Yoga (Bass), and Anton Rudi Kelces (Drums).

Biography & History of J-ROCKS Indonesian Band

This band started with the name J-Rockstars, the addition of the letter "J" in front of the word Rockstars is the reason "J" can mean Japanese because they play Japanese Pop/Rock Music genre, can also "J" means Jakarta because they come from the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. It could also be "J" is interpreted with the word Honest in the sense that they play music that they really like.
Biography & History of Indonesian Band J-ROCKS

Then the name J-Rockstars was finally shortened to J-Rocks and the name J-Rockstars became the name of their fanclub, which could be shortened to JRS. Since 2008 J-Rocks started introducing batik costumes with a modern Japanese style, and promoting batik to young people..


  •     Iman (Vocals & Guitar)
  •     Sony (Guitar)
  •     Wima (Bass)
  •     Anton (Drums & Percussion)


In early 2004 J-Rocks won the 2004 Nescafe Get Started Music Festival sponsored by Nescafe, Trans Tv, and Aquarius Musikindo. Each of the personnel won awards ranging from best vocalist to best drum, they managed to win the Festival and had the opportunity to release the Nescafe Get Started Compilation Album which was the beginning of the formation of a collaboration with the Aquarius Musikindo label, they succeeded in releasing their first album entitled "Topeng Sahabat " in mid-2005 and filled in the Original Soundtrack of the film "Dealova" namely songs entitled "Serba Salah" and "Into the Silent".

J-Rocks has been increasingly recognized since the release of the 2nd Album, the Album entitled "Spirit", they play several kinds of beats and genres of music such as Rock'n Roll, Waltz/Victorian, Symphonic Metal, Blues, Classical and others. the song entitled "You Steal Again" they collaborated with a female guitarist, Prisa Rianzi and on the song "Juwita Hati" they made a Video Clip in Japan which was produced by Hedy Suryawan, Shalvynne Chang, Sato & Boppy as fans who chased their idol, J- Rocks to Japan. No half-hearted, some areas such as Shibuya & Harajuku they make the location of Filming Video Clips, this concept is very interesting and unique makes the song quite popular in Indonesia.

After that J-Rocks also made history as the first Indonesian band to record at the legendary Abbey Road studio in England. The process of recording and mixing their latest song was carried out for 5 days, in that studio they were handled by Chris Bolster, a well-known sound engineer who has experience handling the band Coldplay & The Beatles.
The recording process for the 3 J-Rocks songs took only 2 days, Christ did the final mixing process for the songs, while waiting for J-Rocks to make a Video Clip for the song Falling in Love and take pictures at the legendary Zebra Cross Abbey Road with wearing batik clothes that they have prepared from the city of Jakarta, Indonesia.
After that J-Rocks released their 3rd album in the form of a mini album entitled "Road to Abbey" with a cover design with a picture of J-Rocks on a zebra cross as the Beatles did in the past, containing 4 songs and 1 instrumental. They got this valuable opportunity because they won the event "A Mild Live Soundrenaline 2008" which was held in 5 cities, namely Pekanbaru, Medan, Batam, Malang, and Yogyakarta from July to August 2008. J-Rocks was chosen as the best band in the event because being able to perform according to the theme of "Free Your Voice" and successfully bringing up the topic of "Save Our Music and Culture" Recording at Abbey Road Studios is expected to open the door to Go International for them.

Thus brief information from the band J-Rocks, hopefully it will provide insight for readers, if you want to download songs and albums from them, please visit the article We specialize in downloading (Download J-ROCKS Lagu & Full Album). Thank you very much, more or less we apologize. 

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