Simple Home Recording Equipment

Home Recording is a shortcut for those who want to record songs but are constrained by budget and other factors
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Simple Home Recording Equipment
Simple Home Recording Equipment

Home Recording is a shortcut for those who want to record songs but are constrained by budget
and other factors, considering that setting up a Music Studio requires quite expensive funds,
if you have your own home recording or jointly the result of a joint venture with a band,
you can really do that. Minimizing an expensive budget to work on music, creating songs doesn't
need to be expensive, on this occasion we will share a few simple tools that you must have.

Simple Home Recording Equipment

Creating songs at home seems impossible without the support of adequate recording equipment, if you really intend and want to work in the field of music, now is a good time to make it happen, rather than procrastinate. Let's make a plan!

If you want to seriously contribute to music, don't keep relying on recording on your cellphone,
it's better if you invest a little money and time to find a good recording tool for beginners,
with adequate recording tools you will also produce quality works of course with their own creations.
-Each considering the equipment is fairly simple, let's think about it..

Having your own tools will help you or the band in minimizing a very expensive recording studio budget. Please refer to the following recording equipment :

1. PC or Laptop

Make sure that whatever brand of computer you use has adequate RAM, because the results of
the recording and software you use take up enough memory space, and your computer also needs
adequate speed, you can look for a computer with at least 4GB of RAM and if you want it to be
better in terms of quality results you can use a special gaming computer.

2. External HD

A recording tool that is often overlooked, an external hard disc is very important for storing
raw recordings, because digital audio is usually quite large in size, so don't let your recordings
fit on the computer.

3. Audio Interface

This tool is box-shaped and has a small size, serves to convert real life audio signals into digital
audio, when you record the audio interface will change the sound form into digital files that can be
saved to a computer.

4. Digital Audio Workstation

This tool is not hardware, but music software that replaces the mixer function in the original or
real recording studio, there are lots of options that you can try starting from buying to free,
of course the paid ones will be better like Pro Tools First, if the free ones are like Logic Pro X
(on IOS), GarageBand (IOS), then Audacity.  

5. Monitor and Speaker

This tool plays an important role for audio output, namely to listen to recordings when you want to
edit, you can adjust the size and quality to your needs or preferences.

6. Microphone

There are 2 types of microphones used for recording, the first is a condenser microphone and
the second is a dynamic microphone, the condenser type usually has the ability to capture sound
with detail and light, while dynamic is usually used on-stage, the difference is that the condenser
is suitable for isolated audio settings. , while dynamic is more suitable for a crowded and
open room, you should just choose dynamic.

7. Headphones

The most important tool for recording vocals is this, choose special headphones for recording,
there are 2 types of headphones, namely open back and close back, the open back type can make
sound and sound around you, while the close back type muffles the sound around you so that
the results more isolated.

8. Mic Stand

This tool serves to support the microphone and also a tool to install a pop shield.

9. Pop Shield

This tool is round and there is a kind of thin material like a filter in the middle, usually placed right
in front of the microphone, serves to block the sound of breath or wind entering the microphone.

10. Cable

There are several cables that you must prepare, the first is an XLR cable that functions to connect
the microphone to the audio interface, then the second is an instrument cable to connect to musical
instruments, either guitars or other musical instruments into the audio interface, the third is
also to prepare a speaker cable or monitors, you need to look for this cable when deciding to buy
speakers, make sure the cable is compatible with the speakers, then the last is a USB cable, there
will be a recording device whose output is USB.

That's what we can share,

hopefully it's useful, at least we apologize.

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